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Modular scaffolding

Modular scaffolding system provides safe access to high variety of elevations within complex structural environments. Some of the most widespread applications for this type of products include but is not limited to: activities related to erection and maintenance of industrial facilities such as power plants, refineries, factories but also tunnels, bridges, pipe racks, airports, stadiums, trade centres, etc.

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Façade scaffolding.

Façade scaffolding system is reliable scaffolding system that can be used for wide variety of miscellaneous applications. These types of products are normally used for scaffolding erection around building walls and façades, erection of silos and tanks, in shipbuilding industry or for specialized scaffoldings for very tall or very long walls e.g. dam walls, tunnels, elevator shafts etc. This scaffolding system is easy to assemble and dismantle.

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red column shuttering on the building place


Formworks are one of the most important components in civil engineering. Construction strength and robustness are dependant to a high extent on the formwork quality. Due to that reason, formworks should only be designed by people with technical knowledge and skills and built by teams with the necessary level of expertise.

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