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Façade scaffolding application

Façade scaffolding system is reliable scaffolding system that can be used for wide variety of miscellaneous applications. These types of products are normally used for scaffolding erection around building walls and façades, erection of silos and tanks, in shipbuilding industry or for specialized scaffoldings for very tall or very long walls e.g. dam walls, tunnels, elevator shafts etc. This scaffolding system is easy to assemble and dismantle.


  • Three of the major components for this system are diagonal, horizontal and vertical elements (frames) with respective dimensions of Ø42×2.5mm, Ø34×2,5 mm, Ø48.3x 3,00.
  • Screw jack positioning at the base helps to easily achieve the correct scaffolding height corresponding to the building specifics and ground terrain typology.
  • Façade scaffolding system can be delivered with painted or hot galvanized finish as per customer needs and requirements.


  • Façade scaffolding system allows for accurate adjustments to any height or ground terrain.
  • This system if very convenient for small scaffoldings that need to be moved around.
  • Easy scaffolding erection is both time and cost saving.
  • Façade scaffolding system is known for its high safety rating.



Façade scaffolding system is manufactured in accordance with EN12810 and EN 12811 standards.